Thursday, June 12, 2014

Our Wedding Recap Part 2: The Ladies Get Dolled Up

Did you read Part 1?

After all that rain, we woke up to a perfect day.


I actually woke up before my alarm even went off!  My sister and I shared the king size bed in one of the rooms connected to suite and I woke her up with a nice little version of Michelle by the Beatles.  Megan arrived a little after 7 and the hair art began!  She did all 5 of my bridesmaids and myself in a matter of 4 hours, she is ridiculous :)

I knew I wanted a hearty breakfast since we wouldn't really have a chance to eat lunch, so I ordered a big egg scramble full of bacon, sausage, cheese, onions, peppers, and mushrooms that also came with some bagels.  I really don't understand when people "can't eat" because of their nerves, I had no problem stuffing my face ;)  We also enjoyed some Starbucks and some mimosas.  We had the tunes bumping and I was pretty calm until the photographers were about to arrive!  I started feeling a little stressed about leaving on time and making sure we got the "getting ready pictures" I wanted, but everything seemed to workout perfectly.  Tom and Holly, the amazing duo that makes up Fuller Photography arrived and started working their magic!

Finally it was time to get dressed!  As I stepped into my gown, I really started to feel like a bride!  It fit me perfectly and I felt beautiful.

Next one of the bridesmaids handed me a gift to open from Dave.  The words he'd written in the card had me holding back the tears and the infinity themed bracelet was perfect!

Originally I wasn't sure if I wanted to wear a veil.  I wasn't following all the strict traditions and I didn't want to hide my beautiful hair.  But my bridemaid Kimber let me borrow hers, just in case, and once I stuck it in my hair, I knew I wanted to wear it on the big day!


Everyone was ready and I still couldn't believe I was a bride!

Next thing I knew, we were boarding the trolley and heading to Dave's parents' house to meet up with the guys for our first look!

To be continued... Part 3



  1. love love love! such a perfect day, for such a beautiful event. the pictures are great!

  2. Hey! I nominated you for a Liebster Award! Woot. Feel free to play along:

    And boo, it looks like my comment from yesterday didn't take. I just said you were beautiful and you and your girls look very happy and full of love in your pictures! And yeah, I can always eat regardless of any nerves!

  3. This is just too much awesomeness for one blog post. The pics are wonderful and the happiness vibes are jumping out the computer and slapping me in the face. Well done!

  4. The beading on your dress is gorgeous! I love the vintage look of it!


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