Friday, June 6, 2014

My Second StitchFix

Happy Friday!  I'm off from work today and Monday because my office is moving this weekend.  Although four 10 hour days really weren't my cup of tea, I'm not sad about an extended weekend!  Since I woke up, I've been trying to be productive (aka actually unpack from our honeymoon), but I also wanted to spend some time relaxing and enjoying the beautiful weather.  So right now I'm outside on a laptop catching some rays.  Multitasking at its best :)

A few months ago I blogged about a service called StitchFix which involves a stylist picking out five pieces for you, sending them to you in the mail, and then you keep what you like and send back what you don't.  My first experience wasn't great, but I decided to give it a second shot and this is what I got.  (Please excuse my terrible kitchen selfies!)

1. Charlize Colorblocked Sleeveless Blouse ($48)
2. Tad Straight Leg Jean ($78)

Both of these were cute but the fit just wasn't right.  The blouse didn't fit my boobs correctly and was kind of like a tent.  I didn't think it was very flattering.  The jeans may have been a keeper if they fit me better, but they were just ok.

3. Trista Button-Front Striped Cardigan ($54)

I loved the stripes on this cardigan, but hated the shape.  It was very boxy and I prefer the long and lean shape.  Again, not flattering.

4. Filbert 3/4 Sleeve Popover Blouse (58)

I love the color and shape of this blouse!  I wasn't sure if I was going to keep it right away because it was a little tight across my chest, but I feel like the girls are a bit large and in charge from stuffing my face while on vacation, so I feel like it will fit better after I detox a bit.  Keeper!

5. Carlita Jersey Maxi Dress ($78)

I debated long and hard about this dress since it was so expensive, but I decided to keep it (again the $20 styling fee I already paid and a $25 credit from a referral may have influenced this decision).  It fits me perfectly, hitting me at all the right spots.  I love the color.  And I love that my bra straps are completely hidden, which is usually a gamble with summer dresses.

Although I'm keeping two items from this fix, I think I've decided to break up with StitchFix for the time being.  I wanted to try it out because a bunch of my favorite bloggers (Fitnessista, HealthyTippingPoint, Meals and Miles, Daily Garnish) were having such great success with it.  I mean, who doesn't want a stylist to pick out clothes for them?!  So cool.  But I'm trying to be really picky with buying new clothing, making sure each thing fits me perfectly.  I really don't mind trying things on in the store.  When I go to Ross, I will try on upwards of 30 items!  For some of the bloggers, this may be a better match because they have kids and it's hard for them to get out shopping and spend time trying things on.  But that is not me, I enjoy shopping, and I think I can get some of these staple pieces with much lower price tags.  So for now, goodbye StitchFix, hello King of Prussia Mall :)

Do you like to shop?  Do you enjoy trying on clothes?

I am not affiliated with or paid by StitchFix for this post and all the opinions are my own.  The link included is my referral link, which gives me a small credit if you decide to sign up.


  1. I just got my third Stitch Fix last month! I got a necklace I really didn't like, but if I kept it I would spend less money with the styling credit and 25% discount when you keep everything. So it's like I got a free ugly necklace. I like it because they give my stuff I normally wouldn't pick out myself, and it gives me better style ideas. Plus they're located right next to my apartment, and that's cool. Not really a good reason to continue the service, but it's still kind of cool. Now if only they had a maternity offering ...

  2. You picked the same two I would have. I love the style, cut, and color of both the blouse and the dress!

  3. Ya, the dress is pricey but it looks nice on you!

  4. Yeah, I've kind of had the same thoughts about StitchFix-- I'm a mom, but I still really like to shop, and when I shop, I try on a LOT of clothes, haha. I think I can be kind of particular and hard to please, so I'm willing to bet that I wouldn't keep a lot of the stuff they'd send me.

    Love that dress!!


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