Friday, October 25, 2013

I Conquered the Rope Climb!

After two weeks off from CrossFit, I found myself unusually nervous to get back in the gym on Monday.  Over the first weekend in October, I was feeling a sharp pain in my shoulder that I'd never felt before.  There was no distinct incident that caused it.  I did some shoulder work at the gym and some gymnastics at a cheer practice, both of which felt great during, and then Friday morning I woke up with an injury.  A week later I woke up with poison ivy on face!  With lots of rest, a few sessions in our hot tub, and some steroid pills from the doc, both my shoulder and my face are doing much better!

So I got my butt back in the gym on Monday for the next Lurong workout.  I don't know why I was feeling so anxious about this workout, it's not like I was going to lose everything I've been working for by taking two weeks off.  But CrossFit has a way of taking me out of my comfort zone and really, that's one of the reasons I like it!

I killed it!  The workout was burpees, front squats, push press, and then a 100 meter walk/run with a kettlebell in each hand.  It started with 3 of each, then 5, 7, 9, 11, and the finisher was 13 burpees where you jump over the barbell in between. The squat and push press weights were relatively light at 30 lbs since I was stuck at level 1 (since level 2 required pull ups between the 13 ending burpees, yikes).  Burpees are still terrible, but this workout was just what I needed!

Yesterday morning we "stormed the beach" with a long partner workout.  I may not be running long distances these days, but CrossFit still delivers some serious cardio work!  And I officially conquered the rope climb!  I had attempted it before with success going up, followed by a panicked moment at the top, losing my foot grip, and basically sliding down and burning my hands.  My attempts yesterday went much better and I was proud to see the RX (which stands for "as prescribed") next to my name!

And today I am sore, Happy Friday!

What has taken you out of your comfort zone lately?


  1. Love it! I love pushing myself and doing things I couldn't do not too long ago!

  2. I hate those kinds of weird pains that just spring up out of nowhere. I hope your shoulder stays well. Have a good weekend!


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