Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Lurong Living Paleo Challenge 2013!

Knowing that in 249 days, I will be captured in hundreds of pictures wearing the most gorgeous dress (next to the most handsome groom!) it was only natural that I would do some type of clean eating program in the near future. I figured I would do a Whole30 at some point, but when my CrossFit gym announced that they were participating in a nationwide Paleo challenge, it seemed like fate!

The Lurong Living Paleo Challenge starts on Monday 9/16 and lasts for 8 weeks (that's 56 days people)! The diet requirements are pretty close to the Whole30 rules with just a few tweaks. The challenge also includes 10 required workouts, 3 of which will be done at the beginning and then repeated at the end to measure performance improvement. Surprisingly enough, the challenge includes Lurong, my most hated benchmark workout! I'm interested to see if I can beat my time from May, but I'm sure it's still going to suck.

Participating in this challenge will be so much better than doing a solo Whole30. The support from my gym and taking body measurements there will definitely help keep me accountable! It's also perfect timing since I was told to start setting up appointments for my dress alterations in November. I figure once my dress has been fitted, I will be forced to maintain my healthy eating habits before the big day! And it won't be the end of the world if I have to do another Whole30 in the spring, especially with the extra energy and clear skin as welcomed side effects.

Dave's pretty bummed that this challenge is falling during football (and pumpkin beer) season, but as with most things, there's never going to be a perfect time to eat healthy. There will always be a dinner out, a free lunch, a party, a sporting event, a happy hour, a special dessert. Unlike the Whole30, cheats are acknowledged in this challenge, but you have to document them. We are planning on attending a beer festival at the end of the month, oh well! Whether you have one beer or ten, the cheat is documented the same, but as the challenge website says "your waistline at the end of the challenge won't lie." I'm going to try and stay as strict as possible, but at the same time 8 weeks is a long time and sometimes it's just worth it.

I was considering trying to eat super healthy beforehand so I don't feel as miserable when I start. We had our engagement photos on Sunday, so last week I was trying to keep things super clean. And now I've deemed this fat kid week! I've decided to enjoy some pizza, mozzarella sticks, and cocktails. I know it seems kind of stupid to pig out on stuff that I know is unhealthy and against everything I write about but damnit I really want one last hurrah with cheese and pina coladas... and quite honestly, it will just make my challenge results even more dramatic.

Did you go on a diet before your big day? Have you ever done a challenge through your gym?


  1. I ate 95 - 99% paleo for three months before my wedding (I drank about 6 - 7 days in about three months). It was SO SO SO worth it - the pictures are rolling in and I have ZERO regrets!

  2. Good luck! Yeah, it will be much more fun with an actual group to go through it with. OMG, "fat kid week" - I about busted out laughing and got some stares thrown at me.

  3. Funny you should post this. I just wrote today about how the lead up to the Lurong Challenge is setting loose my disordered eating BIG time. EAT ALL THE THINGS!!! Can't wait till Monday!


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