Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Link Love

While I definitely owe you a photo dump of my amazing August, here are a few things that caught my eye on the internet this week:

Avocado and Chicken Caprese Salad - I love caprese anything as I adore mozzarella and a good balsamic reduction, but I never thought about adding avocado to take it to the next level. Nom nom!

Pumpkin Pie Blizzard - I'm dreading the end of summer, but a pumpkin pie blizzard seems like a perfect transition!

Cocky Runner Nearly Loses Race In The Most Embarrassing Way Possible - An Ironman triathlete risks the glory of a win with some awful showboating. Ridiculous video!

Paleo Success Story: I Don't Ever Have To Live Like That Again - "I kept thinking – could it be this simple? Could something as “easy” as changing my food choices change my life? Yes. It was that easy. No, it wasn’t “easy” making it happen, but it was definitely that simple."

Is Gluten-Free a Fad Diet? - "My favorite thing is when “concerned health experts” caution against starting a gluten-free diet without talking to your doctor, paying for a test to determine a gluten allergy, and consulting with a registered dietitian. As if giving up bread, pasta, and cake for more animals and plants is a dangerous undertaking that requires professional assistance. As if removing gluten and feeling loads better only to feel terrible upon a chance reintroduction is an unreliable way to determine if you should go gluten-free."

Close of Service - A friend and Peace Corps volunteer blogs about the life changing experience of living in Botswana, Africa for 2 years and her plans to stay another year. Her writing opens my eyes to things I would've never known about. Sometimes it makes me feel like I am completely clueless and sheltered from the world, but it never fails to inspire me!

Have you read anything interesting lately? Link away!

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