Thursday, February 21, 2013

Make Your Health a Priority!

Since I finished my Whole21, I not only feel great but the compliments on my weight loss have been nonstop.  Honestly, I still can't stop staring in the mirror thinking wow, look at that tiny waist!  I want to share everything I know with all the people in my life that are struggling with their weight.

But some of them really don't want to hear it.  They "can't live without pasta."  Or they're in denial about their current diets... "I don't eat that much bread now."  Or I think some people get overwhelmed just thinking about the amount of work that would be required for a lifestyle change and they immediately shut down.

But you only get one life!  This is it.  The body you have now is the vessel that takes you through your life.  You can nourish it and live out your days chasing after your grandkids (or maybe even great grandkids!) or you can keep stuffing your face with unhealthy things just because they are convenient or you're addicted to them.

It makes me sad when I think about some of my friends and family and how their weight negatively affects their self esteem.  I also think about how their choices now will affect them in the future.  My grandfather and uncle both died of a heart attack when they were only in their 50s!  Will my other family members follow suit?  Will they be around to see my kids grow up?  Will my friends regret their "beer is awesome and I'm going to die anyway" lifestyles later when they have families of their own?  It breaks my heart to think about these questions!

I want to help everyone because everyone deserves to feel amazing!  Seeing as how a third of the population in our country is overweight, conventional methods of dieting are obviously not working.  So why not try something different?

Don't play the victim, you are in control of your life.  Nobody is forcing you to continue with your unhealthy habits.  It is never too late to make your health a priority!  It's not going to be easy.  Depending on where you're coming from, it might take a long time to change your habits.  But I can guarantee it will be worth it!

How do you approach a friend or family member whose health you are concerned about?


  1. Good for you! Your enthusiasm is contagious, and that will inspire so many people! :)

  2. I'm honestly of this mindset: BUT in the same breath, positive encouragement and leading by example is a great way to help people without stepping on any toes. Keep on keeping on with your lifestyle; you ARE an inspiration <3

    1. Yeah, preaching to people definitely isn't effective, but it's a tough situation when you know you can help them! You're right, leading by example is great and if I can help anyone with my blog then that's a positive too!

  3. This is so highly motivating! love your attitude!
    I think dealing with fam/friends and their health is a tricky subject. I was very, very, very unhealthy with my eating habits(sooo much junk food/processed food) and i don't think anything anyone could say at the time woulda got through to me. It kinda took ME really realizing it on my own how unhealthy i was , for things to snap.
    Very interesting question!

  4. This post is right on time. I'm seriously concerned for my husband's health. It's time to have a sit down with him and speak honestly about it. He's not gonna like what I have to say, but so be it.

  5. That's a great post Amber! My husband's family have all had and passed away from cancer (Dad bowel cancer, Mum stomach cancer) and I know that it was diet related. I never once saw either of them drink water and food choices were not great. So after reading this and a few other of posts from other blogs I'm finally making the move for my whole family (they eat a 'clean' diet but not Paleo). Thanks!


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