Monday, February 25, 2013

Keepin' It Real

I know I've been posting a lot about Paleo and cleaning up your diet, but I want to let you know that although I do think it's good to be strict sometimes, it's also good to splurge!

What I ate today:

  • Breakfast - 2 cups of black coffee, way too many chocolate covered coffee beans that were in the kitchen at work
  • Lunch - Leftover Mexican from last night's dinner out, steak and shrimp with onions peppers and mushrooms covered in a white cream (possibly mayo) based salsa with some carrot sticks that I also dipped in the sauce
  • Dinner - Will be leftovers from Saturday night's dinner out, a crab cake over rice in red curry sauce with carrots

Did I eat 100% Paleo?  Nope!  I had chocolate, cream, bread crumbs in the crab cake, some rice...  But did I make healthier choices than I could have?  I skipped tortillas that are typically a staple in any Mexican meal.  I also avoided the rice and beans that came with my meal.  Why waste stomach space on those when I had plenty of tasty steak, shrimp, and veggies?  I'd also like to note that today is kind of a splurge day in general, because I'm not usually eating restaurant leftovers as the majority of my daily intake!

I am not perfect, nobody is.  I ate froyo twice this past week.  Was that a healthy choice?  Ummmm no (and writing that makes me realize maybe I need to reel it in a bit).  But I believe in the recommendation from Mark's Daily Apple... eat healthy 80% of the time and let loose 20% of the time!  For me, the 80/20 principle means if I'm cooking at home, I'm trying to keep it as Paleo as possible, but if I'm going out for a special occasion and I want something noncompliant I don't feel guilty.

I am not obsessed with every morsel going into my mouth, because I know I eat healthy enough on a regular basis that the 20% is not going to make or break my gut health or my efforts to maintain my weight.  The question you should ask yourself is are you finding an 80/20 balance or are you closer to 50/50 or worse?  Are processed foods and excess sugar a special treat or a regular option?

Do you follow the 80/20 principle or something similar?


  1. I think the 80/20 idea is fantastic. Maintaining a healthy balance is key, and this post was an awesome way to describe it. Part of a healthy balance is knowing when to be easy-going. It's not supposed to be stressful or cause anxiety. Good for you, to know how and when to be more strict versus not. :)

  2. We are a social society with the focus around friends, food, and festivities. To give up all non-Paleo-compliant foods would be a kin to isolationism. Life is made up of choices. Strength comes from making the best choices under all given circumstances. Was it a good choice to walk through 35 degree temperatures on our way to get Kiwi frozen yogurt? Not sure, but we do know it was fun and we made a memory. Sometimes in life you just need a really good story. Or blog post.
    You are awesome.

    1. YOU are awesome! You are such a healthy inspiration. Thanks for the post idea, support, and continuous dialogue!

  3. I LOVE the 80/20 way of eating. I think it's realistic and healthy! :)

  4. Frozen yogurt is always a good thing! ;-)

  5. I typically follow the 80/20 rule. I try to stay on track during the week so I can let myself indulge and live a little on the weekend.

  6. I do more of like a 90/10. I feel like 20 gives me too much leniency. But I'm usually an all or nothing kind of person. If you give me an inch I'll take a mile ;) No one is perfect though... What's important is how you recover!

  7. Although sometimes I like to think I'm close to a 90/10 I'm realistically more of an 80/20 gal. Sometimes I beat myself up over that 20 percent but I'm working on being a little more forgiving. Thanks for keeping it real here. :)

  8. I say I definitely follow this food philosophy. I wish I could do a 90/10!

  9. After reading your post, I suddenly crave Cookies & Cream ice cream. And I thank you for that. Gonna git me some tonight. BOOM!


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