Saturday, January 19, 2013

My Whole21–Days 7 through 13

Day 13 and guess what, I’m feeling great!  Here’s the recap for the past week:

Sunday, Day 7 - Buffalo chicken, french onion, and beer cheese dips were all in my house and I did NOT eat them!!!! Victory! I was super close to abandoning my diet completely (seriously), but I held strong. I’m not sure if I'm eating too much sugar via fruit but it’s still better than the peppermint bark that Dave keeps eating.  Enter the green eyed monster!

Monday, Day 8 – So much chocolate at work, driving me crazy! I tried making zucchini and squash "noodles" for the first time. They were ok as just a side, but will be better topped with something. Yay for trying new things in the kitchen!

Lemon chicken and asparagus

Tuesday, Day 9 – I was fighting some serious cravings around 2 pm, and was trying to decide if I was actually hungry or not. I knew I was taking a fail with some canola oil in the pesto I had already purchased from TJ’s, but I was so bored with my meals and really wanted the pesto. I never made sweet potatoes before and I was surprised how much I liked them (especially with some cinnamon). Another easy recipe out of Practical Paleo.

Wednesday, Day 10 - Coffee free, 4 days in a row! Guess that's what happens when you get tons of sleep :) I've been searching the internet for some Whole30 support/recipes/etc. and I keep seeing everyone talk about eating sausage, but when I looked in Wegmans every.single.sausage had sugar listed in the ingredients. But I did some googling and learned that there are a ton of Applegate products that are Whole30 approved. I will be buying these next week, I want some sausage (and variety) in my life!

Thursday, Day 11 - Started the day off feeling awful, I should've gone to bed earlier and I was definitely feeling the lack of sleep. Coffee to the rescue! I was feeling slightly worried about going away this weekend but I knew planning ahead would be my best chance at success! I went to my first yoga class in a few months at a new-to-me studio. I loved the class and left feeling great.

Chicken fajitas

Friday, Day 12 – I was slightly sore from yoga, but I felt so inspired that I did a few sun salutations before my shower in the morning. I really wanted to add chicken to my grocery store salad bar mix but I wasn't sure what it was cooked in and decided to skip it. I was super annoyed when the salad oil was a mix of EVOO and canola oil... really???

Saturday, Day 13 - I'm so glad I packed a bunch of food and snacks for my trip. I ended up eating some sugar and other crappy ingredients in the taco seasoning that we used for the ground beef, but the rest of the meal was Whole30 compliant. Oh well!

Days 7-13

I feel so good!  I’m more than halfway through and I know I can finish this thing.  So many people are sick right now, but I’m feeling better than ever.  Eating clean is definitely paying off and my waist is looking tiny and I’m never hungry.  I’m spending the weekend up in the mountains with a small group of friends.  Today was literally a perfect day for skiing, I loved spending the day in the sunshine on the slopes.  I hope you’re having a great weekend!

What’s something healthy you did for yourself recently?


  1. Wow-- I love how detailed that chart is! Good for you for sticking with it. I always *SAY* I'm going to do challenges like this, and then I fail by like, lunchtime on the first day. :-)

  2. Go Amber! I'm starting a dietbet on Thursday (I think I'll post about it even though it's kind of a personal subject). Anyways, I need to lost 6 lb. I guess I'll see if I can do it! I need tips!


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