Monday, July 25, 2011

Oh Cape May, I love you.

This weekend was another lovely time in Cape May.  Dave's parents spoil us with rides everywhere and delicious meals.  The weather was ridiculous, the sand was so hot you had to sprint from your chair to the water!  It was worth it though, it always is.

It ended up thunderstorming on us on Sunday, cutting our beach day short (much to our dismay), but I think we had a pretty great weekend regardless.

Puddin' loves the beach because she gets spoiled too.  Michelle came down for the weekend so the pup had an extra cuddle buddy.

We went out Saturday night.  Our first stop was the Ugly Mug, where they have an annual contest of who can blow the most foam out of their mug of beer.  To be in the contest you have to be in the Ugly Mug Club.  I'm not sure how you get in, but it sure sounds like fun.  And who wouldn't want the title of the United States National Froth Blowing Champion?!

Our next stop was a kitchy little bar where we were obviously the youngest people in the entire place.  We were also partaking in some obnoxious young people shaninigans...

Our last stop was a more bumpin' bar with a dance floor.  We were pretty excited when we found out there wasn't a cover charge, and then we got super pumped when we realized the band was one of our favorite local cover bands from home, Dead Poets.  Since we're friends with the lead singer he kept coming out to the crowd and letting us sing in the mic.  We had a blast!

And now the weekend is over.  I worked on my resume all day today, it was not enjoyable.  See you next month Cape May.

How did you beat the heat this weekend?


  1. Can't wait for Cape May adventures! Buuuut also excited that Rehoboth/OCMD adventures are closer!

  2. You're getting so tan!! I think I was in the water more this weekend than all of summer combined haha. Date soon?? I have a certain amount of bling on my little left finger to show you :-) xoxo -H

  3. J - SUPER stoked for next weekend :D

    H - Neeeeeed to see your ring!!!!

    Thanks for the comments :)


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