Monday, November 5, 2018

What's Up?

Ye ol' blog... how you have been forgotten.  It's been a while so let's do a little check in!

Vienna is 13 months old and she is officially walking!  And by walking I mean running, we are in trouble!  A week ago she could only take a few steps before falling, but now she's walking the length of our living room.  She's also doing tons of babbling, always telling us stories that we can't understand.  She has mastered a few words (mom, dad, dog) but often repeats things back to us that sound totally legit.  I don't think she's going to be a quiet child... weird ;)  After months of trying 5 different cups, she's finally figured out a sippy cup!  She's working on a bunch of new teeth after not getting any since Memorial Day.  I think she currently has 8 and she's working on 9-11.  She loves climbing in and (and sometimes falling) out of her Pottery Barn chair, reading books, petting the dog, playing patty cake, eating bacon, and being chased up the stairs.

I'm a few days into a Whole20... with some planned cheats.  What I'm doing probably isn't in the spirit of Whole30 (do the program as written, 30 days, no cheats, etc.) but I know it works for me and I needed some kind of structure before the holidays!  I want to remember how tasty all the healthy recipes can be, look a little better in my clothes, and go into the busiest time of the year feeling my best.  We do have a few things planned that are food focused like the Bacon Fest we attended yesterday (worth it!), a birthday dinner out for my MIL, and a Friends Thanksgiving, that I've decided I'm just going to enjoy and not stress about.  But otherwise I'm planning to keep things clean until Thanksgiving... and hopefully maintain a healthier mindset throughout the rest of the year.

A few things on our menu: 

I've been making it to CrossFit 1-2 times per week.  I tried to set a Tuesday Friday schedule, which has helped, but I've still been kind of sporadic and I think I may need to switch my Tuesdays for Wednesdays.  I also probably need to start going at 6 am instead of 7... woof!  Sometimes I feel really strong, like when I hit a 15# PR on my overhead squat at 135# and still probably could've done a few pounds more!  Or when I hit a PR on my squat clean at 145#!  And then other times I feel completely out of shape, like during every single workout that includes running, which seems to be pretty often in our recent programming.  I'm really just trying to remember that this is just a season of life, my commitment and level of fitness will ebb and flow with life events.  And any time I make it to the gym is still better than nothing!  I also tend to forget that CrossFit is so tough.  Sometimes I wish I could bring in some average fit people and watch them get humbled.  Maybe I am an evil person... misery loves company lol.

But seriously, how is it November already?

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  1. I am SO behind on blog reading! Haha, mutual pleasure in the (temporary) suffering of others! I guess that's why Crossfitters are cut from a different cloth. And OMG Vienna is such a stinkin' cutie!


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