Wednesday, September 13, 2017

My Pregnancy: Week 37

On Thursday I had an OB appointment with the doctor that really rubbed me the wrong way when I met her at my 30 week check up.  I tried to keep an open mind for our second encounter and everything was fine.  Maybe she was just having a bad day last time (it was the very end of the day on a Monday), but she was a lot more easy going in general.  The nurse said my blood pressure was slightly high, but nothing concerning.  I got my Group B strep swab done, which if positive would just mean I'd need antibiotics a few hours before delivery.  It wouldn't be ideal because I want to labor at home as long as possible and avoid sitting around getting an IV, but it won't ruin my birth plan if it has to happen.  We'll see.

Thursday we also had an appointment with a local officer to check our car seat base installations.  At one of our baby education classes we had learned that a large amount of car seats are installed improperly and that you can easily get yours checked at a local police or fire station, so Dave called to make us an appointment and they offered to come to us.  The officer told us the car seat safety certification class was 40 hours long, so she was a pro!  She was super nice and very thorough, giving us lots of additional tips and information.  She said Dave had installed both bases perfectly.  One more thing to check off the list!

On Friday I hit CrossFit:

With lots of modifications of course: I did 5 calories on the bike instead of running, used 55# for the clean and jerks and snatches, used 10# dumbbells for the thrusters, my bar facing burpees were squat thrusts, I did 3 pull ups instead of 5, stepped up to a slightly shorter box (16 or 18"?) and skipped the toes to bar without any sub.  It sounds lame when I type it all out, but it still felt like a pretty legit workout.  I finished in 15:47.

I make the cutest faces, I know.

At the end of last week my car didn't seem to be starting properly, so I drove the truck and Dave replaced my battery.  He took my car to work on Friday just to make sure everything was good and took it to the car wash and vacuumed it out!  I had wiped it down on Thursday before our car seat check, so now it's really sparkling!  I don't know the last time I actually got it washed, so that was a treat.  Then on Saturday we finally cashed in our extremely thoughtful shower gift from Leah, Kimber, and Shayna: a professional house cleaning!  I had never had my house professionally cleaned and it was really great.  We are now considering splurging on it twice a year or so.  The house looked and smelled absolutely amazing when they left!

While the cleaning company was finishing up, I headed out to lunch with Leah, Christine, Jen, and Declan!  We went to Collegeville Italian Bakery and had some super yummy Italian food and some nice girl time.

Afterwards Leah and I hit the thrift store next door and scored some great baby stuff.  The onesies looked brand new.  Baby didn't have any cloth books yet.  The pumpkin socks were 49 cents and will go great with the little Halloween outfit I recently picked up.  I couldn't resist the blanket with little purple hearts on it.  And we could definitely use some pack & play sheets since we now have 3 of them (thanks Paul & Jen)!  I got all this for $20! 

Sunday we went to my parents house for a nice little family get together with tons of delicious food and football on the deck.  The beginning of the week was pretty quiet otherwise.  I spent some time getting my hospital bag together and just relaxing.

This morning I peeled myself out of bed for CrossFit.  The strength was squats so I subbed the jerks from the day before and did 5 sets of 3 at 65#.  The WOD was 60-45-30-15 double unders and 12-9-6-3 snatches.  I subbed 8-6-4-2 calories on the assault bike and did my snatches at 55#.  I really didn't think olympic lifting would still be possible this far along, but my belly isn't a factor and I can somehow still bend low enough to pick up the bar.  I was cycling them in sets of 3 and finished in 8 minutes on the dot.

I also had another OB appointment this afternoon.  My blood pressure was good, my belly measured perfectly, and I am GBS negative, yay!  I went over my birth preferences with my doctor and she was super supportive and said a lot of my preferences were standard practice for my OBs and the hospital.

Other happenings this week:
  • We got so many nice gifts!  My aunt Gina gave us an adorable purple flower bath mat to bathe baby in the sink, my aunt Patty sent us a bunch of really nice clothes she picked up at a consignment sale, my father's aunt sent a beautiful handmade quilt, and Dave's coworker gave us the cutest pittie puppy pants!  On top of all that, both Dave's and my coworkers each gave us cards with cash in them!  We are so grateful.
  • I just noticed that my feet haven't been aching like they were before.  I suppose it's possible that I'm just on them a lot less these days, but they would start hurting first thing in the morning and I think that's gone.  My back has been pretty achy but nothing too bad.  I can only imagine how I'd be feeling if I wasn't bffs with my awesome chiropractor.
  • My boss told me I can work from home starting the week of my due date!  People keep asking me when my last day of work is and my response has been "when my water breaks in my office chair!" lol!  My official maternity leave doesn't begin until I give birth and I don't want to waste any of my vacation time sitting at home without a baby, so I'm planning on working until I go into labor.  I brought up to my boss that I'm limited working from home (CADD doesn't work great with a remote connection) and I could end up being a week late and he just said "you really don't need to be here when your water breaks, priorities!"  I feel super lucky that I work in such a man dominated field but have the most understanding bosses.

I am such a planner and it's quite a weird concept that this crazy life changing event could happen tomorrow or in almost a month from now.  I feel like the baby is still really high and I haven't had any Braxton Hicks contractions, so I'm thinking she's still pretty comfortable in there for now.  We shall see...

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