Tuesday, February 9, 2016


...the number I saw staring back at me on the scale yesterday morning.  Higher than anything I saw in 2015.  My gym attendance has been spotty, so it's safe to say it's definitely not muscle haha.  And the fact that I'm avoiding half my wardrobe right now confirms that too.

How did I get here.... again?

Well let's see, for the majority of January I have been eating every single thing my heart has desired and more.  And guess what.  That really just does not work for me.

Gretchen Rubin, author of The Happiness Project, believes that people fall into two categories: abstainers or moderators and that if you are an abstainer, moderation does not work and it is actually much easier to simply abstain completely.  "If abstainers try to be moderate, they spend a lot of time justifying why they should go ahead and indulge."  I think this describes me to a T.  It verifies why I am so good at a strict diet, but so terrible at trying to ride my own bicycle.

So here I am again.  Starting over.  Frustrated, but I will never give up!

Hello February Whole30!

 Things I know this Whole30 will produce for me:
  • Energy, especially after lunch when I'm usually dragging
  • Clearer skin, my skin definitely reflects my crappy diet right now
  • Freedom from binge eating
  • Eliminate post meal tummy aches and gas
  • Ability to fit into more of my clothing
  • Rising body confidence and self esteem
  • Motivation to go to the gym more often
  • Less money spent on meals out & bar tabs

My fridge is full, my meals have been planned, I am so ready for this change.  And I'm so excited to have so many friends participating with me!  The facebook support group is growing every day.  Support is key!  Please let me know if you're thinking of joining and I will add you to the group :)

Today is Fat Tuesday and I'm definitely embracing it.  But tomorrow is a fresh start!

Do you want to experience Tiger Blood with us?!



  1. I understand this so much! Good luck! Can't wait to hear how you feel at the end of 30 days!

  2. I totally saw a number on the scale last week that scared me! I am also making some diet changes to fix it. Good luck to you!


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