Monday, December 7, 2015

Weekly Wrap Up - Burn Off the Bird 5K & Lots of CF

I don't know about you, but I've been missing these weekly wrap up posts.  And I don't usually start with Saturdays, but I have to tell you about the 5K we ran last weekend!

S - Burn Off the Bird 5K (35:40) - Dave and I haven't really been running at all, but when I saw the t-shirt for this race included a turkey/Jurassic Park logo mash up, I had to have it.  We figured we weren't going to be running any PRs, so we decided to take a laid back approach and bring the pups along!  When we ran this race in 2012, we were happy it was in the 30s since the overnight lows were in the 20s (yikes), but this time around the weather was perfect with temps in the low 50s.  The course was a bit hilly, but changed from when we ran it last ran it to include more time on a trail and less time on the road.  We did a mix of running and walking, with an 11:28 overall pace.  The dogs were quite a hit, everyone was cheering for them and giving them tons of attention.  It was a really fun event!  (Side note: Dave and I ran side by side most of the race, but I felt like we were blocking the little girl in pink from finishing, so I ran ahead to give her some space, but when I saw this pic I was so bummed that Dave and I didn't finish together!  Regret!)

S - Rest

M - CrossFit
  • Strength: Back Squat - 5 at 40% (55#), 5 at 50% (70#), 5 at 60% (85#)
  • WOD:
    • 8 Minute Clock
    • 1000m Row buy in
    • Then AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) "Ground to Overhead"
      • Can be snatches or clean & jerk
      • Women 45/65/95
      • Men 65/95/135
    • I finished my row in 4:18 and completed 32 G2OH with 45# in the remaining time.  I really considered using 65# because the actual score was your weight x reps, but I got psyched out at the last moment and settled on 45.  It was hard anyway, but I kind of wish I had tried the medium weight.
T - CrossFit Barbell Club
  •  Warm Up:
    • 3 x 5 Front Squats, Back Squats, Good Mornings (with 15#)
    • 3 x 5 Deadlifts, Overhead Press
  • Workout:
    • 5 x 2 Hang Squat Cleans - I worked up to 85#
    • 5 x 2 Deadlifts (with a pause at the knee) - I used 85#
    • 2 Squat Cleans EMOM (every minute on the minute) for 6 minutes - 85#
  • I hate not being able to lift as heavy as I want to, but I know it's a good life choice for my back.  I spent a lot of time working on not shooting up my butt in the deadlift portion of the clean.  My hamstrings were so sore the next day!
W - 1.25 mi walk with the pups + CrossFit
  •  Strength: EMOM for 8 minutes
    • Minute 1-4: Power Snatch (with a 3 second pause above knee)
    • Minute 5-8: Power Snatch (no pause)
    • I worked up to 85#.  I felt good at 80, but I lost my technique in my last snatch at 85#.  I should've kept it lighter.  My back was feeling pretty achy the next morning.
  • WOD: Annie
    • 50-40-30-20-10
    • Double Unders
    • Sit Ups
I was not excited about this one at all.  I have been crossfitting for over 2.5 years and double unders (jumping rope where the rope passes under you twice in one jump) seemed like the only thing that I couldn't seem to get better at.  They are extremely punishing if you're not good at them: they take you longer, make you more exhausted, and you will whip yourself... sometimes in the face.  I came to dread every workout with dubs and I started to wonder if I should just give up and do the scaled version of 3x singles.  And then last night... it clicked!  I had been doing dubs with singles in between and my first round I got 23 dubs in a row that way, which was definitely a PR!  And then about halfway through the workout, I decided to try and drop the singles in between and for the first time ever, it worked!  I did 12 consecutive dubs in a row!  They were the best double unders of my life and I still can't believe I finally made progress on them!  I finished Annie in 14:11, which is a super long time, but I Rxed and I am so proud of myself!

Can you find me in the back?

Th - 1.30 mi walk with the pups + CrossFit
  • Strict Pull Up Ladder (do one, then two, then three...) - I used a light green band and I got 6+4.  Maybe one day I'll get one unassisted!
  • WOD: For Time 
    • 2000 m Row 
    • Partner 1 rows to 250 
    • Partner 2 does 7 burpees
    • This workout kicked my butt.  I worked out with someone who rows a lot faster than I do, so I was barely finishing my burpees by the time she was done rowing, aka I didn't get much rest.  I also didn't want to hold her back, so I rowed as fast as I could.  By the last set of burpees, my back started to really hurt.  I should've taken this day as a rest day :/  I was pretty much out of commission afterwards.
F - 0.8 mi walk with the pups

S - 1.7 mi walk with the pups and Dave

The rest of my weekend was spent catching up with friends, pulling out all my Christmas decorations, seeing a show at a winery (aka drinking way too much wine), and honoring our yearly tradition of cutting down our Christmas tree with Dave's parents! 

 Do you think our tree is big enough?!  The pups don't know what to think about it.

I'll try to take more pictures throughout the week to make these posts more exciting haha.  Hope you're enjoying all this beautiful December weather and all the awesome Christmas movies on TV!

Do you have a yearly Christmas tree tradition?  


  1. Your tree looks like ours - huge! Oops haha all the more festive :)

  2. That is a big tree! I'm posting about our Christmas tree decorations tomorrow. :)

  3. Congrats on the dubs! I am too excited to start CF now :)

    That tree is beautiful! Because of the drought the trees on the farm out here were a little sad to be honest. I'm glad we found the one we did; I lovingly said it has "character".


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