Thursday, September 25, 2014

My Nectar List

My friend Rachel shared this post on facebook the other day and tagged me in it.  The opening paragraph couldn't be more right, I am obsessed with setting goals and making lists to organize my thoughts.  But as the post suggests, it's easy to keep looking towards the future without taking a moment to reflect on what has already happened.
"That’s why I’m suggesting we all make what I like to call a Nectar List. It’s a lot like a Bucket List, but instead of listing the things we want to do before we kick the bucket, we list the things that have been the nectar of our existence so far. It’s cheesy, I know, but urbandictionary told me sweet nectar was slang for “to live” like kick the bucket is slang for “to die.” So deal with it."

So here is my Nectar List (which might really just be an "interesting facts about me" list):
  1. I was tattooed by the same man who tattooed both my sister and my mom.
  2. I took in the most breathtaking sunsets in Nicaragua (and did a little hitch hiking too).
  3. I had a supporting role in my high school musical where I did back handsprings across the stage.
  4. I've skinny dipped in the ocean.
  5. I completed a half marathon!
  6. This is my 15th year coaching cheerleading and last year my team won the National Championship, high score of the day, and a choreography award!
  7. I tried to catch my sister's puke with my bare hands on a bus in State College (if that's not love, I don't know what is).
  8. I learned how to play the intro to Stairway to Heaven on guitar (which I forgot and desperately need to relearn).
  9. I started lifting weights 13 years ago, as the only girl in the weight room with the football team.
  10. I saw 4th of July fireworks in Chicago over Lake Michigan.
  11. I've paid off almost $45,000 of my student loan debt in the past 6 years!
  12. I apparently couldn't be bothered to put some pants on to use the bathroom around 4 am at a music festival and was deemed the pantless goddess.
  13. I chugged a beer out of a hollowed out pumpkin.
  14. I married an amazing man who compliments me perfectly.
  15. I drove from Pittsburgh to Texas when I was 18, with a man I had only met a few days prior, to coach private cheer camps.
  16. I hiked Mount Nittany.
  17. I witnessed a wedding in the middle of the Folk Fest campgrounds.
  18. I've been parasailing and ziplining and I tried to go skydiving 3 different times, but the conditions were never right.  I took it as a sign that it wasn't meant to be.
  19. The first time I drank a beer in a bar, I was under 21 and my professor bought it for me.
  20. I've squeezed my way to the front row at various concerts including Incubus and Rusted Root, and I climbed on stage during Talib Kweli (the only rap show I've ever seen).
  21. I've won my (all male except me) fantasy football league twice!
  22. I took an 8 hour exam a month before my wedding (like a crazy person), passed, and became a Professional Engineer!
Hmmmm, I guess that's it... for now.  I feel like I'm missing so many things!

Tell me something from your Nectar List :)


  1. I love the idea of the nectar list. It sounds like you've had some really sweet moments in life so far!

  2. I'll get started on my list - I have a feeling I'll be adding to it constantly ;)

  3. Last night on Letterman, Jerry Seinfeld was commenting on turning 60.
    He said, " Like a lot of people at this age I made a Bucket List. Then I changed the "B" to an "F" and I was done with it!"
    I'm adopting that philosophy as I get older!


  4. What a great list! You've achieved so much in your short life :-) I can't wait to make my nectar list!

  5. You have your PE? Well done!

    One of my items I guess is "completing" my family. I always wanted 2 kids, a boy and a girl, and the little miss is coming to join her brother Squish in November!

  6. Wow this is an awesome list Amber!! =)

  7. Ooo. What a great concept. The Nectar List is a reminder that, despite anything you might be going through, there has already been much goodness in life to be thankful for and worth smiling about. I love it.


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