Monday, July 14, 2014

My July Whole25: Days 4 - 7

Week 1 is done and I'm feeling good!

Day 4 - Thursday 7/10/14
  • Breakfast: Roasted broccoli and a cup of coffee
  • Lunch: Roasted sweet potatoes, onions, peppers, and carrots with a large chunk of Southwestern Frittata covered in red hot
  • Snack: Cup of ginger peach green tea
  • Dinner: I never ended up making the giant 10 lbs Slow Cooker Italian Pork Roast that I put in my meal plan so I didn't really have anything planned for this meal.  I hit the grocery store and grabbed some onions, peppers, mushrooms, cabbage, and spinach from the salad bar, a ripe avocado, and a pack of compliant chicken sausage.  I sauteed the veggies in a little olive oil, mashed the avocado up with a little bit of onion and some salt (simple but delicious homemade guac!) and the sausage was delicious hot off the grill.  Boom!

  • Workout: CrossFit at 6 am!  The skill portion of the workout was working on double unders (jumping rope when the rope passes under you twice during one jump).  Fun times.  I seriously struggle at dubs!  I can do them with singles in between, but to not waste all my energy and speed up my WODs, I need to start connecting them.  Trying this involved whipping myself repeatedly in the upper thigh every time I failed.  I definitely earned my "tiger stripes."  The WOD was a 15 minute AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) of 40 dubs, 20 hand release push ups, and 10 deadlifts (95 lbs for the ladies).  After a few double under fails, my thighs just couldn't take it any more, so I switched to singles (80 instead of 40).  I was kind of upset, because I was trying to Rx (even though I knew I wouldn't have gotten many rounds done with my ghetto dubs), but my thigh were in pain!  I completed 4 rounds + 46.  The push ups crushed me.

    • Sleep: 6.25 hours (really need to fix this next week!)
    • Thoughts:  Other than barking at my dad over something stupid, I wasn't too full of hatred.  I expected to be more grouchy ("kill ALL the things" according to the timeline) throughout the day, but I actually found myself driving home from my meeting, watching an epic thunderstorm in the distance, listening to my favorite radio station, and just thinking life is good :)

    Day 5 - Friday 7/11/14
    • Breakfast: Cup of coffee, roasted SP, carrots, onions, and peppers, and a delicious peach
    • Lunch: Roasted broccoli with my last piece of Southwestern Frittata covered in red hot (would you believe I'm still not sick of it?)
    • Snack: Gingerberry Kombucha
    • Dinner: Blue Ribbon Country Captain Chicken from Well Fed, it was delicious but took me forever to make

    • Workout: CrossFit at 6 am, 3rd time this week!  After warming up, class started with some mobility work and made me feel like I'm not flexible at all!  My quads, hips, and butt could all use some serious stretching.  The WOD was 4 rounds for time of 20 wallballs (throw a 14 lbs medicine ball 9' in the air, catch it and do a squat), 10 power cleans (65 lbs) - ladies weights & height - and 3 burpees every minute on the minute!  I finished in 13:46 (might have been faster, but I thought I was done after my 4th round of wallballs, so I was laying on the floor for a bit until my coach came over, whoops)!  I wasn't sure if I should Rx this workout, but I'm glad one of the girls at the gym encouraged me.  The cleans were the part I wouldn't have Rx'd and they were fine.  The wallballs were absolutely terrible.  CrossFit is such a love/hate thing.  Not even halfway through the workout, I wished that medicine balls didn't even exist.  I was winded and thinking WHY do I still have 40 more wallballs left?!  But then when you finish, you feel so strong, you know your body got an epic workout, and you feel so accomplished.  I know I killed it this week and damn it feels good!
    • Thoughts: I was pretty exhausted by the end of the day, my legs were aching, and I was ready for the week to be over.

    Day 6 - Saturday 7/12/14
    • Breakfast: Cup of coconut coffee and a glass of Naked Green Machine juice, I wasn't really hungry and I was busy all morning.
    • Snack: A few bites of prosciutto while I was wrapping the asparagus and an iced coffee
    • Lunner: At the grad party - baby carrots, cocktail shrimp, prosciutto wrapped asparagus, some ham and turkey deli meat, 2 meatballs (probably a cheat), watermelon, strawberries, and tons of pineapple
    • Dinner: Crock Pot Beef Stew which was super easy and tasty
    • Workout: 30 minute leisurely hike with Puddin' and a few sprints in the backyard afterwards
    • Sleep: 9.25 hours, I meant to get up after 8, but sleep was just too good!
    • Thoughts: Avoiding all the delicious dips, tomato pie, and pasta salad at the party was quite challenging, but my plate was full of tasty eats and I couldn't be that sad about stuffing my face with shrimp.  A woman at the party told me she enjoyed watching me eat because of how I take pleasure in each bite and take my time savoring the food.  If you'd ask my husband and family, I'm not really known for taking my time through a meal, so maybe the Whole30 is helping with that too.

    Day 7 - Sunday 7/13/14
    • Breakfast: Cup of iced coconut coffee
    • Brunch: Leftover Blue Ribbon Country Captain Chicken from Well Fed with a smashed up avocado with salt (ghetto guac)
    • Lunner: Slow Cooker Italian Pork Roast with a side salad of spring mix, spinach, strawberries, cucumber, avocado, almond slivers, and some balsamic
    • Snack: Triology Kombucha and then later Dave was eating ice cream, so I had my first "sex with your pants on" (SWYPO) treat and made some banana soft serve
    • Workout: A few hours of carrying boxes, cleaning some serious junk out, and lifting heavy trash bags
    • Sleep: 7 hours
    • Thoughts: Not much to report.  I was feeling pretty exhausted midday which does follow the timeline but I was also working pretty hard.

    Do you like to cook in a crockpot?  Have you ever tried kombucha?  How was your weekend?


    1. When I used to do Crossfit more often, I could never master DUs either. They require way more skill and coordination than I have! Good job with staying on track! All of your meals look yummy!

    2. That sausage look delicious! I love how sometimes impromptu meals turn out to be the best. Keep up the great work - you are an encouragement to the rest of us!

    3. Catching up on last week over here.

      Do make the slow cooker Italian pork roast! I made it for the husband before I traveled last week, and he raved about it!


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