Monday, October 24, 2011

Autumn Afternoon

Yesterday was a perfect fall Sunday.  I slept in, drank pumpkin coffee, and watched some football.

Lunch was a hot bowl of seafood chowder that we had been storing in the freezer since last year's soup sale at the Firehouse.  I love soup on a chilly afternoon!

And Puddin' and I went out to enjoy the perfect weather with a walk up the mountain.

And a regular view at Dave's house...

Puddin had a blast, as always.

Doggie smile!

Saturday was on the busy side since I got up early to search for Halloween costume stuff at multiple thrift stores in the area.  I refuse to buy my costume from a store, I love DIY Halloween costumes!  Then I headed into the city with my cheerleading squad for their competition.  They killed it.  I was SO proud!  I drove to Dave's after we got back from the competition and I was exhausted.  It was so nice to take it easy on Sunday and recover.

What's your perfect fall day include?


  1. 1) I can't wait for the Halloween party - now I just need to find all of the pieces to our costumes!
    2) Did anyone tape the competition? I'd love to see it!!

  2. I knew we should have bought some soup when we went to that fundraiser; it was so good and it's great to know that it keeps in the freezer....perfect for days like Sunday! Valley Forge is so pretty this time of year! I smell a girls night sleepover with some hiking fitness the next day? Just a thought- see you Saturday!


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