Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Some venting & some yoga.

Things I Hate:

1.  Struggling on a cardio machine at a high resistance while watching the person next to me zoom away at no resistance.  I know I'm getting a better workout, but still annoying.

2.  Hurricane Irene rolling in to ruin my bday weekend at the beach.

3.  Putting away laundry.

4.  Packing & unpacking.

5.  How quickly my phone battery dies.

6.  Applying for jobs.

7.  Randomly heading into a crabby mood.

On the flip side, I got myself back to the gym today for some abs, lunges, and some time on the arc trainer.  I'd been on a slight hiatus and it felt great to go back.  My goal for tomorrow is to head to the gym in the a.m., spend some time on the treadmill and do arms.  I need to stay on track, I hate falling off the wagon!  I also did some living room yoga today after cheer practice.  I love stretching but never really got into yoga, so I googled the 26 Bikram poses and shabam.  It was a good starting point, although I was definitely missing the meditation/relaxation portion since I was doing it in my living room in front of the tv, but a girl's gotta start somewhere!  I definitely want to expand my yoga knowledge and experience.  I need to enlist my sis, she definitely knows a thing or two.

Do you like to do yoga?  Have you ever gone to an organized class?


  1. Let's do a class together! I've also tried living room yoga and I get bored WAAAAAY too easily. I'm posting a living social link on your Facebook - Yoga AND wine tasting!

  2. I've tried yoga at home a number of times, but I feel a little intimidated to go to a class! The studio near our apartment looks awesome, but their class times are all during my commute and/or workday. So I'll stick to my at home practice :) I wish I could be more dedicated, as I think the health and flexibility benefits are awesome. Love the Rodney Yee at home DVDs - I feel like I'm getting a real workout, and feel super accomplished when I can hold a pose I hadn't done before!


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