Tuesday, September 24, 2013

One Week Down, Seven to Go!

Well, day 9 of the challenge and I'm feeling great!  We were kind of all over the place with our meal plan (I bought some bone-in chicken because I couldn't pass up the deal, had to throw out a ton of beef due to freezer burn, etc.) but we made due and ate compliant all week.  I did do some cheating on Saturday with some cheese in a shared restaurant meal and a comfort food feast at a friend's house and I may or may not have had some mimosas since champagne is pretty much mandatory at all my bridal party events ;)  But I got back on track Sunday and did a ton of meal prep to start the week strong!

Eating Paleo was easy compared to the three grueling CrossFit workouts that kicked off the challenge!  Monday's workout was wall balls (throw a medicine ball up a wall, catch it and squat), deadlifts, and box jumps/step ups.  We did 21 of each, then 18, 15, 12, 9, 6, 3.  We had 18 minutes to complete the workout.  I did this workout at Level III, which is the highest level(!) so for women it was a 14 lbs medicine ball, a 75 lbs deadlift, and a 20 inch box.  Lurong (100 burpees & 100 kettlebell swings) used to be my most hated CrossFit workout...  but now this workout earned the title!  I am proud to say I finished in 17:08 (many people didn't finish) and then I promptly tossed my cookies, which is a first!  I completely lost my technique on the deadlifts as the workout went on and I paid for it!  My back was in a world of pain.  Thankfully a trip to the chiropractor combined with lots of foam rolling and stretching made it feel better, but I was hurting for an entire week.

Wednesday's workout was fine.
  • 10 hang power cleans, 20 meter sprint
  • 8 hang power cleans, 40 meter sprint
  • 6 hang power cleans, 60 meter sprint
  • 4 hang power cleans, 80 meter sprint
  • 2 hang power cleans, 100 meter sprint
It had a 5 minute cut off, I finished in 4:18.  I did Level II, which had me cleaning 65 lbs.  It was a sprint, it left me winded, but nothing like Monday!

Friday was Lurong and I was dreading it.  Last time I completed the workout in 15:18, so I didn't expect to finish within the 12 minute cutoff time.  I was swinging a 26 lbs kettlebell (Level II).  I ended up completing 183 reps, so close!  I felt beat afterwards, but nothing like last time.  Yay for getting stronger!

We will do these three workouts again at the end of the challenge to see if we improved.  I am NOT looking forward to doing that first workout again!  I guess if I don't hurl afterwards, I'll know that I've improved.

This week kicked off with some snatching. 

I'd recommend turning your volume down for the video.

It was only my second time snatching and we were trying to max out.  I lifted 65 lbs, skipped 70 since I ran out of time, and went for 75 twice without success.  I was so close but I just couldn't get it up!  So frustrating.  The WOD was 7 rounds of 5 snatch, 10 sit ups, 200 meter run.  I snatched 45 lbs and it was pretty tough, but I focused on my form and finished in 19:15.  My shins are super bruised, but I guess that means I kept the bar close to my body, like I'm supposed to!

I did make a meal plan for the week... perhaps I'll get a chance to post it before the week is over.

What's the most intense workout you've ever done?


  1. I puked in the gym once after drinking too much water on the treadmill - it was so embarrassing! Still looks like you are whoopin some ass in the gym!

  2. I didn't mind that 1st WOD so much. I did Level III and got 14:58, but the Burpee/KB one was killer for me. I am soooo slow on the burpees. I did Level III on that one too and just ended up with 100 KBs and 52 of the burpees done. We're doing the hang clean/sprint tonight. I'm going to have to drop down to Level II for that one, 95# is a bit too much for me for a WOD. Wish me luck! :)


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