Wednesday, August 9, 2017

My Pregnancy: Week 32

Friday night we had a Lift Off at CrossFit, where everyone tested their 1 rep max snatch and then clean and jerk.  When we got there I was totally surprised to find a row of diaper cakes for all the pregnant couples at the gym!  We were very generously showered with diapers, an adorable onesie, and a Babies R Us gift card.  And our friends Eric & Megan made us a really neat growth chart ruler!  Our gym is full of such awesome people, I love CFVF!

I was always planning on going at night to cheer Dave and everyone else on, but I was thinking maybe I'd lift in the morning since that's when I usually workout.  I blew it off because I wanted to sleep in, but I was having some regret thinking my body would've felt better if I had just gotten it over with.  I decided that it didn't really matter since I'm so pregnant and that I would just stop whenever anything felt uncomfortable.  But I secretly really wanted to PR my snatch.  I hit 100# pretty easily in week 29 and I was thinking 7-10# more seemed really doable.  I easily put up 100# and then 105# was still pretty easy aside from feeling a little something in my back.  Side note: I miss my lifting belt!  I wanted to put 2 little 1 pounders on for a PR at 107#, but they were all in use so I said what the heck and put 2.5# on each side figuring I could always just bail on it if it wasn't right.  But I did it!  A snatch PR at 110# at 32 weeks pregnant (only 105# in the video, didn't want my final attempt taped it was too much pressure).  I honestly still can't believe it.  Dave PRed his snatch too!

I got up to 135# on my clean and jerk, which is only 10# under my max and I honestly probably would've gone higher if I hadn't felt some pain in my left wrist between the clean and jerk.  I was really proud of my lifts and it was an awesome night!

Saturday my mom and sister were supposed to come over to do some baby prep and crafting, see the nursery, and just hang out... which turned into my entire family coming over for the day!  My parents brought over 4 lbs of bacon and a brand new toaster and we all stuffed our faces with delicious BLTs and then got to work.  The guys fixed a bed frame that had been broken for 2 years and hung all the nursery art while the ladies did some crafting and closet organizing.

I bought this beautiful decal on Etsy that I was super excited about (the quote is from Alice in Wonderland), but apparently putting it on the wall was a giant pain in the ass.  There was a lot of curse words muttered and frustration and it got to the point where I was just steering clear of the nursery.  Apparently my dad's patience was the only reason it didn't end up crumpled up in the front yard because Dave told me if I ever buy another one, he will divorce me.  On the bright side, it looks amazing!  And the felt flowers Michelle made compliment it perfectly.

So without further ado, the nursery:

I am so in love!  The gorgeous blankets were both gifts, the one on the chair is from my cousin Janet and the one on the crib was made by our friend Jenn.  And I'm pretty sure we have two more blankets on the way!  Baby Midgley is already so spoiled aka we are spoiled by having the best friends and family :)

The very last thing that needs to be done for the nursery is to craft an initial to hang over the changing table.  I searched Etsy and really liked this, but it's only 8" tall and I wanted something bigger.  So I decided to make one.  I have a big wooden letter and the fake flowers to put on it, but Dave needs to paint it!  Hopefully this weekend.  And no, her name doesn't start with a C :P  I actually slipped and said the baby's name out loud to Michelle, but she totally missed it!  Dave and I have been using the name in conversation a lot more and so it's getting a lot harder to hide it.  Later I accidentally said the letter, which she caught... so she's the only one that knows the first initial (unless she blabbed to Alex).

Otherwise the nursery is done!  I am so happy!  The last big baby task is installing the car seat bases and there's a few things left on my registry that I still want to purchase, but we are feeling super prepared.  This weekend we'll be cooking a few batches of freezer meals, continuing to organize the basement, and now that the bed frame is fixed, we can make the spare bedroom look nice again.

I've been debating doing maternity photos and sort of settled on skipping it (do I really want professional photos of myself + 50 extra pounds hanging in my living room?), but this week I put out a call for newborn photographer recommendations on facebook and my friend Megan offered to snap maternity and newborn photos for us just to build her portfolio.  She's not a professional photographer, but has a high quality camera and some really nice shots of her son and niece.  The 30 different comments on my facebook post became extremely overwhelming and most of the packages I've seen so far start at $300... which makes my head spin!  I'm still undecided, but thinking of taking Megan up on her offer!

On Tuesday I took the dog for a short walk, about 3/4 of a mile and it didn't exactly feel great.  I thought it was cool enough at 80 degrees, but by the time the walk was over I felt like a wilted flower and I was experiencing some discomfort in the bottom of my belly.  I thought I might feel crappy when I got up for the gym this morning, but I felt fine.  The workout was DT: 5 rounds of 12 deadlifts, 9 hang power cleans, and 6 push jerks.  The women's weight was 105#, so doing it at 65# felt really light.  Deadlifts are starting to get awkward with my tummy, but I made it work.  I finished in 9:21 and was just glad to get a workout out in and that everything felt good.

I had my 32 week OB appointment today as well.  It was uneventful, my stomach measured perfectly, my blood pressure was normal, and I saw my favorite doctor in the practice.  I'm officially up 50 lbs and I think my face is finally getting fat LOL.  After my appointment we went to a pediatrician meet and greet and we both liked the doctor and the practice, so that's another thing to cross off our list.

Last but not least... I was planning on missing this year's Folk Fest since the festival last year.  I figured I'd be massively pregnant or with a brand new baby, and I was right.  The festival is next weekend and it does not seem like an enjoyable place for someone that's 8 months pregnant.  I'd be hot and not able to make the slightly treacherous hike down to the creek, the hills would leave me breathless, the port-a-potty trips would be endless, sleeping on an air mattress would be garbage, and the festival would be just a little different completely sober.  But after 8 consecutive years, I am devastated to be missing it!  Our entire group opted to take the year off and we're planning a little Faux Fest gathering to fill the void, but I think if everyone had purchased their tickets and had a plan in place, I'd probably be buying a ticket and making it work.  I just have to keep reminding myself that we are saving money, saving ourselves a lot of prep and clean up work, and there's always next year!  My parents live 10 minutes down the road, so I'm picturing a little "sun chip" crawling around during the day and then Didi picking her up for the night.  But in the meantime, mild depression...


  1. Love these updates, & the nursery looks amazing! Don't make any lasagna when you prep those meals- we have one frozen and ready for you (literally just made it tonight!! <3 you, see you Friday!!

    1. LOL I was totally going to make a lasagna, thanks for the heads up! And you are incredible! Thanks again for all the help on the nursery!

  2. The nursery looks so beautiful!! Love you <3

  3. I loved the new babies room! What did you say her name is? Just kidding! I will be happy with any name that you and David pick! I can't wait to see her. Love you all! Me Me
    I am visiting at Jen's till Sunday


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